My name is Ferenae. I'm a rickshaw puller.
We would like to introduce you to Ferenae, a rickshaw puller in Madagascar. This video will give you a view of his daily life. We invite you to watch and share this video with your network. Our social business in Madagascar allows rickshaw pullers to upgrade their current foot rickshaws to bicycle rickshaws and, thanks to our micro-loan structure, the pullers become owners of their own rickshaws as well. This will allow them to generate more income for themselves and their families and increase their standard of living. 

TEDx Dubai 2010
Check out this TEDx Dubai speech from our founder Monja Wolf in 2010. It explains well why and how we have initially developed Monyati Initiatives. 

New Delhi Blanket Run 2011
This first video of our organization was shot and edited by our volunteer Arjun Pavakkulath. Arjun joined our trip to India where we organized a blanket distribution drive to help underprivileged people survive the harsh winter season in New Delhi. Delhi's proximity to the Himalayas resulted in cold spells during the winter. We transported 250kg of blankets in 11 suitcases from Abu Dhabi to New Delhi. Not only did Etihad Airways donate the blankets (washed first-class blankets), approve excess luggage, but they also sponsored the tickets for our five members group of colleagues and volunteers.