Education for children in Kerala - 20.06.2021
Monyati supports secondary education for girls in Morocco - 26.11.2019
"Salaam" she says to me with a big smile while she gives me the typical two cheek-kisses as the Moroccan way of greeting. My straight-forward German handshake with a good old "nice to meet you" did not survive long during my stay in Morocco. I must have greeted more than 100plus students, teachers and staff and I have to say that I have never had so many cheek-kisses in my entire life in one single day. Throughout the day students come in and out of the boarding house where I am currently staying. Read the full article here
Monyati supports shelters for mentally challenged people in India - 20.05.2019
"Bye Bye" he says and waves at us with a huge smile, while we walk out of their home, a shelter for mentally challenged people in India. By the time we walked through the entrance hall and back towards the car, a big group of patients has gathered on the first floor to wave excitingly through the iron fence which marks the visible border between their life and our life. Thanks to a kind donation from Ahmed and Huda, we could just complete the latest Monyati project in India: the installation of UPS electricity back ups for 134 patients in Kannur and Wayanad. Read the full article here
Monyati sets up libraries for schools in Haryana India - 03.09.2018
"We need to do a new project soon. What can we do?" I said to my colleague a few months ago. For the first time since the onset of Monyati funds were sitting in our charity bank account in Germany, waiting to be invested into projects that support communities. Life asked me to focus on a different important cause for women the past months, which to me was a pressing responsibility I had to attend to and in return Monyati took a backseat. Read the full article here
A chance encounter on a 5,550meter glacier peak in the Himalayas leads to a new Monyati project - 11.12.2017
This summer I walked 600km from Turtuk the last Indian village at the Pakistani border to Leh to Manali on foot with 6 mountain peak climbs and 5,550 meter altitude on the highest motorable road in the World through a cold desert. How I ended up on this madness is a different story. But one of the ouncomes of such a walk was a new gained understanding of the local communities as well as of avenues to enable support through Monyati. Read the full article here
Monyati, a UAE non-profit organization, gives Indian slum children access to education - 16.06.2017 / The National
Dozens of young children in an Indian slum are being given access to education to help them to reach for a better life. Youngsters from Rishikesh, in Uttarakhand, are being taught how to read, write and do arithmetic as well as fundamental general knowledge and environmental studies free of charge. - Read the full article here
5 years celebration of Monyati's Social Business in Madagascar - 01.06.2017
Since 2012 Monyati successfully set up and manages a micro-business venture for rickshaw and tuktuk drivers in Madagascar. The micro-business structure allows rickshaw and tuktuk drivers to secure their own vehicles over time, set-up their own enterprises and be able to financially improve themselves and their families. We now joyfully march into our 6th year of operation and decided to launch a new yearly cycle. - Read the full story in Monyati's latest newsletter here
Monyati sets up an Education Center for children in the Himalayas - 26.05.2017
It started with a simple book distribution to a school in Rishikesh, a town at the onset of the Himalayas, and developed into the exciting plan to set up an education center for children from a slum community. And now one month later the center is up and running. - Read the full story in Monyati's latest newsletter here
UAE Group provides cows and computer training to rural families in India - 02.01.2017 / The National
Women and their families in India are lifting themselves out of poverty with the help of cattle and computers. Monyati Initiatives, a non-profit NGO in the UAE, is helping such families near Kolathur and Kannur in rural Kerala to make a living by providing them with livestock and teaching them computer skills. - Read the full article here
Monyati Newsletter 2016 - 27.12.2016
Where is Monja? The same questions stream in for the past year "Where are you and what are you doing? my friends ask. "I'm up in the Himalayas...well most of the time." I reply. "So what's the news with Monyati?" they continue to ask. - Read the full story in Monyati's latest newsletter here
Monyati supports Ugandan restaurant to empower women entrepreneurs - 20.02.2016 / The National
Orphans in Uganda have been given the chance of a brighter future thanks to a UAE-inspired pioneering project that also aims to empower female entrepreneurs. Abu Dhabi based philantrophic organization Monyati Initiatives has funded a AED 91,800 project to renovate and upgrade a pizza restaurant in Entebbe that, it hoped, would become a sustainable business. Read the full article here.
Monyati rural farm solar power project proves a success - 18.07.2015 / The National
A pilot project to provide solar power to rural farms is proving to be a success and could be expanded to the rest of the UAE. Monyati Initiatives, a non-profit social development organization registered in India and Germany, has so far installed solar panels at 17 farms near Mirfa, Abu Dhabi. Work on the project started a couple of months ago and over the next few weeks 55 farms will be given the small panels, which each power a fan, lighting and mobile phones. Read the full article here.
Monyati Newsletter, Issue 01 - 15.02.2015
We have lots of exciting news to share with you. We usually post our updates on our social media platforms, but we know some of you are successfully avoiding facebook & co. So to all our precious old-school friends, here is a good opportunity to catch up on some of our news the past few months. Happy Reading! Please click here.
Rules of Engagement for the Social Development Sector - 11.01.2015 / The Awakening Times
Mayida is determined. She walks straight up to me, gives me a loving hug, takes my arm and tries to pull me into her tiny hut. I have just arrived in this village in rural Bangladesh with the mission to visit micro-loan borrowers. It is the first time I am meeting Mayida. To read the flu article please click here 
Monyati Initiatives' nine lessons from working in the social development sector - 10.12.2014
Here are nine lessons we have learned from working in the social development sector for the past five years. They reflect our philosophy very well. To read our rules of engagement please click here
Monyati supports families in Madagascar - 27.07.2014 / The National
A UAE organization that helped poor rickshaw cyclists in Madagascar has launched another pioneering project - to help women in the island nation become tuktuk drivers. Monyati Initiatives successfully supplied bicycle rickshaws on a lease-loan system, and with most of the rickshaws now paid for by the drivers, it has turned its sights on women. To read the full article please click here
Monyati, a key community partner - 01.04.2014 / Etihad Airways In-Flight Magazine
Etihad Airways has worked with Monyati Initiatives since 2011. In New Delhi, India, blankets and warm food parcels were distributed to three shelters housing orphans and abandoned street children, as well as to farmers and their families, day laborers and the city's destitute. To read the full article please click here 
A message from our Founder - 30.12.2013
Dear Friends, What a journey! In 2009 Monyati Initiatives was established as a vision to help communities in need. Now, four years later, we can be proud of the $800,000 we've raised to carry-out 14 projects around the globe and changed the lives of nearly 10,000 people. We've also allowed for 43 international volunteer experiences with both expat and Emirati volunteers. To read the full message please click here
UAE expat Monja Wolf's year of helping the needy  - 24.12.2013 / The National
From setting up a sustainable rickshaw business in Madagascar to building new homes for poor families in Brazil, the past 12 months have at times been challenging for the founder of a Dubai voluntary organization. But the experience and momentum gained in the past year are something Monja Wolf, the founder of Monyati Initiatives, is determined to make the most of next year. To read the full article please click here 
Building Brazil - 01.11.2013 / Etihad Airways In-Flight Magazine
This year has been a busy one for Monyati Initiatives. One of its latest undertakings saw Monyati and a group of volunteers - in partnership with Un Teto, Delos Living and Etihad Airways - successfully construct six low-cost houses during a nine-day period for families living in favelas near Sao Paulo, Brazil. To read the full article please click here  
Monyati helps women in poverty in Kashmir to start their own businesses - 18.10.2013 / The National
Young women from the town of Kotly, in the Pakistan-administered side of Kashmir, are getting the tools and training to start their own businesses thanks to a project supported by Monyati Initiatives. The group provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to make and sell clothing, helping to lift their families out of poverty. To read the full article please click here
UAE students step out to help build homes in Brazil - 04.10.2013 / Emirates 24/7
Volunteers recall their incredible month-long journey as they aided a volunteering group, Monyati Initiatives, in Brazil. Scoring good grades, scouting for good jobs, or spending time with friends over coffee and football are some of the things that most 20-years-olds do, but there are exceptions to the rule. To read the full article please click here
Volunteers from UAE change lives of Brazil's poor  - 09.09.2013 / The National
Volunteers from the UAE have helped to transform the lives of poor families in Brazil's biggest city by building new homes. Working with a not-for-profit social development organization, Monyati Initiatives, the group built six wooden homes in a favela in Sao Paulo. To read the full article please click here
Making change -  01.03.2013 / Etihad Airways In-Flight Magazine
Monja Wolf is no stranger to our office. The charismatic German founded not for profit organization Monyati Initiatives in 2009, and has successfully completed twelve inspiring charity missions since their first project supplying heaters to an orphanage in Nepal. Today, Wolf and her team have just returned from Delhi. To read the article please click here
A pull in the right direction - 15.11.2012 / Global Citizen Magazine
A UAE based charity initiative has launched a project to turnaround the lives of impoverished rickshaw pullers in Madagascar. Monyati Initiatives, founded by German philanthropist Monja Wolf, has brought a social business concept to the South East coast of Africa with the aim of helping young rickshaw pullers and their families escape the poverty trap and become self sufficient. To read the full article please click here  
Grassroots giving - 04.11.2012 / Etihad Airways In-Flight Magazine
Big things have small beginnings, and the Monyati Initiatives is no exception. Discover a charity doing a lot of good in a lot of places. "Take that poverty!" This is the slogan of the Monyati Initiatives, a non-profit social development organization that aims to help communities in need. If there's ever been a more straight forward rallying call, I've yet to hear it. To read the interview please click here
UAE charity helps improve lives of Madagascar's rickshaw pullers - 10.12.2012 / The National
Monyati in the UAE has launched a project it hopes will vastly improve the lives of impoverished rickshaw pullers in Madagascar. The island state off the south-east coast of Africa is one of few countries left in this world where rickshaws are pulled by men on foot, rather than the bicycle type. To read the interview please click here 
Lessons in kindness - 17.02.2012 / Gulf News
They didn't have a school building and often had to study under a tree, but now children in an Indian village have classrooms and laptops to work on thanks to Monyati Initiatives, a UAE based charity. To read the interview please click here
From the fashion runways to rural India - 29.11.2011 / Global Citizen Magazine
Global Citizen Magazine is a bi-monthly business magazine in the United Arab Emirates. The magazine has featured a four page long interview about Monyati Initiatives, its founder and development over the past two years. To read the interview please click here 
Making wishes come true - 14.10.2011 / Khaleej Times
Khaleej Times has placed a three page long interview about Monyati Initiatives. Khaleej Times is a daily English language newspaper published in Dubai UAE. To read the interview please click here
Maat supports Monyati Initiatives - 28.11.2010

Maat by Monyati supports Monyati Intiatives. Maat is a social fashion label that produces and markets fashion items from developing countries. 100% of proceeds are donated to Monyati Initiatives. To visit their page please click here