From 2009 till date we identified, funded and executed 25 projects across the education and infrastructure sectors on time and on budget. We are dedicated to address social challenges through education and sustainable micro-businesses. We also continue to support communities in need via tangible and scalable commitments whenever and wherever needed. Please see below some of our previous commitments:
Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Sudan, Uganda, United Arab Emirates
Himalayas, India

We support education efforts for children in Uttarakhand India. This project entails student sponsorship for young women to attend Uttarkashi University as well as the set up of an afternoon study centre for children in remote villages of the Himalayas. Project funding volume $5,000 USD. Implemention 2021 and on-going.
Kozhikode, India

We supported the on-going running costs as well as student sponsorship for a school in Kerala India. Due to the impact of Covid-19 for more than one year all classes have shifted online and teachers receive a very minimal honorarium. This school with 20 teaching staff currently educates 490 students. Project funding volume $5,000 USD. Implementation 2021
Al Houz, Morocco
Education, Infrastructure

We supported the set up of a boarding house for girls in Al Houz Morocco. It enables 60 girls to stay for free while all their basic needs are taken care of, so that they can attend secondary education. We purchased items such as washing machine, tables, chairs, lamps, curtains, cushions as well as school material. Project funding volume $5,107 USD. Implementation 2019.

Eletricity, Basic Care

We set up UPS electricity back ups for 134 patients in Kerala India. Besides the installation of two UPS systems (Model: Alpha UPS system 2.000W) and six batteries (Model: 150A/h c10 Batteries) we also went to the market to provide them with basic food items such as rice, dal, vegetables, oil, sweets. Project funding volume $1,770 USD. Implementation 2019.

Haryana, India

We are setting up libraries for schools in Haryana. Each library entails books and teaching material for Maths, English, Science, General Knowledge, Arts and Crafts in both Hindi and English language. They are set up with the support of the school and village head. The set up of each library costs $425 USD. Implementation 2018 and on-going.
Solar Energy

We enabled solar water heater devices for a rural village on 4,080 meters altitude near Nubra Valley in Ladakh. Seven families of 59 members can benefit from 100liter water tank solar devices that improve their health, standard of living as well as contribute to the environment. One solar device costs $270 USD. Implementation 2017.  
Malappuram, India

We supported the construction of 4 classrooms that can be divided into 7 individual classrooms as well as 6 toilet facilities. This supports more than 200 primary students to receive quality education through our local partner Shree Shankara Charitable Trust. Project funding volume $5,000 USD. Funding partner Ecovis. Implementation 2017. 
Muthuthala, India

We set up a computer lab for a non-profit school that educates 868 children in Muthuthala. It entails 15 new computers, digital learning programs, printer, headphones, camera and a UPS for electricity supply. Project funding volume $8,425 USD. Implementation 2017.
Kannur, India
Employment & Micro-Business

We launched our pilot phase to enable women in India to run their own micro-business. Through the provison of cows with calves women can secure an income through milk sales, stand on their own feet and increase their standard of living for themselves and their family members. First cows handed over and implementation on-going. More details to be shared soon. 
Kolathur, India

We set up a computer lab for children in Kolathur. It is done in partnership with a school that educates 473 children on a non-profit basis. The new computer lab entails 10 new computers, 6 fully upgraded computers, digital learning programs, camera, printer, headphones and a UPS for electricity supply. Project funding volume $8,819 USD. Implementation 2016.
Entebbe, Uganda

We set up a restaurant run by women in Entebbe. It is done in partnership with an orphanage that fosters 43 children. The restaurant creates sustainability as well as employment for older girls, who are ready to move out from the orphanage, and enables them to generate income. Project funding volume $14,630 USD. Implementation 2015 & 2016.
United Arab Emirates
Solar energy & Volunteering

We improve living conditions of farmers and their staff in rural UAE through the means of solar energy. We provided specially designed solar packs, which each entail a fan, two lamps and a mobile charge unit. One solar pack costs AED 550. To date we supported 55 farmers and enabled more than 50 volunteer opportunities. Project funding volume of $8,160 USD. Implementation 2015 & 2016.
Tulear, Madagascar
Employment & Social Business

We set up and manage a tuktuk social business for women. It enables women to drive and own their own tuktuk. Embedded into a micro-loan structure it will empower women to run their own business, gives them employment, income and confidence. This builds on top of our existing social business for rickshaw pullers, which has been running successfully for the past four years. Implementation in 2014 and on-going.    
Kashmir, Pakistan
Employment & Education

We provided sewing machines and equipment for the set up of a vocational sewing center for women in Kashmir. To date 550 young women received their own sewing machines, gained skills that empower them to run their own small business, generate income and they have gained confidence and independence. Project funding volume of $9,836 USD. Implementation in 2009 & 2013.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Housing & Volunteering

We funded and constructed 11 low-cost houses for families in favelas near Sao Paulo and offered nine students from universities in the UAE to travel with us to Brazil and construct these new homes together with the beneficiary families. This builds on our initial support in 2010. Project funding volume of $38,577 USD. Implementation in 2010 & 2013.
Talas, Kyrgyzstan
Water & Health

More than 2,500 children, teachers and janitors from nine schools in rural Kyrgyzstan now have warm running water. Giving our beneficiaries safe and comfortable hand-washing stations at their schools supports changing the public health habits in the Talas province and beyond. Project funding volume of $ 5,410 USD. Implementation in 2013.

Tulear, Madagascar
Employment & Social Business 

We set up and manage a social business for rickshaw pullers in Madagascar with a local office and a full-time staff of 5 in the city of Tulear. The micro-loan structure allows rickshaw drivers to secure their own rickshaws over time, set-up their own businesses and be able to financially improve themselves and their families.Project funding volume of $10,184 USD. Implementation start in 2012 and on-going.
Kerala, India
Basic Needs

We provided beds for the Little Flower Mercy Home near Kochi in Kerala India. They had an urgent need for hygienic sleeping places since many of the patients and children were sleeping on the floor or on bed frames without any mattresses. Hence we provided 1,000 bed accessories (including mattresses). Project funding volume of $6,212 USD. Implementation in 2012.
Dhaka, Bangladesh

We support the Shibashi slum school in Dhaka Bangladesh for a period of two years. This support covers all their yearly expenses such as rent, salary for teachers, school material supply, school management expenses etc. Our support enables the expansion of the school for 80 additional students on top of the 105 students. Project funding volume of $16,000 USD. Implementation in 2012 & 2013.
Uttar Pradesh, India
Education & Volunteering

We constructed five new classrooms, manufactured 100 school benches, provided 16 used laptops and funded student sponsorship for a basic school in the village of Harihar Pur in the Sant Ravidash Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The classes run from the 1st standard to the 10th standard and are attended by 700 students. Project funding volume of $38,147 USD. Implementation in 2011.
Calakmul, Mexico
Water & Health

We constructed ten water cisterns to enable sufficient water supply for families in the Calakmul biosphere reserve during the dry season. Cisterns are made of reinforced concrete, each with approximately 12,000 liters capacity. Each cistern was build together with the beneficiary families and their community within six hours. Project funding volume of $13,637 USD. Implementation in 2011.

Amhara, Ethiopia
Water & Health

We built a hand-dug water well for the remote village of Robit, which is located in the Dembia district of northern Ethiopia. The well is managed together with the community who is contributing to sustain it in the years ahead. Project funding volume of $5,000 USD. Implementation in 2011.