About Us

Monyati Initiatives is a non-profit social development organization that supports communities in need. Monyati is an Arabic word that can be translated into English as a wish that is close to your heart.  

Our focus is to support communities regardless of their cultural or religious background. We work globally in partnership with social organizations and socially committed corporations. From 2009 till date we identified, funded and executed 18 projects in emerging markets across the education and infrastructure sectors. To date we empowered nearly 10,000 people in 12 developing countries, secured more than $1,2 Million USD and enabled more than 65 international volunteer experiences. 

Monyati Initiatives is registered as a non-profit organization in Germany (VR 5599) and offers tax exemption for our German donors. Our international team works on a voluntary basis and expenses for our office in Madagascar are covered through its sustainable social non-profit enterprise model. All other expenses such as flights, hotels, admin costs are covered separately or through in-kind support. 

Please feel free to contact us on info@monyati.com
Monja Wolf is the Founder of Monyati Initiatives. A German native, she has lived in the Middle East since 2007. Previous to Monyati she worked in CSR, supported UNICEF GCC, JustGiving and the Yunus Center in Bangladesh. Monja is a former well-established model having worked for elite designers. She has lived in four continents over the span of her life. Monja studied Economics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. 
Guido Juchert is the Development Manager of our newly opened office in Germany. A German native, he has lived for 9 years in the United Arab Emirates and 5 years in the UK. He is the Co-Founder of a real estate company in Dubai and worked with the Board of Directors of Bertelsmann subsidiary in Germany. He studied Business Management at the University of Southampton in the UK. 
Sajesh Sukumaran is the Operations Manager in India. Before joining the Monyati Team he worked as an IT expert for Xerox in the UAE for four years. Sajesh spend extensive time with grass-root communities leading and implementing projects for NGO's in India, primarily in the Indian Himalayas. He studied Engineering at Government Polytechnic College in Kerala. 
Fanjanirina Flavienne is the Operations Manager of our Tuktuk and Rickshaw Social Business in Tulear Madagascar. Before joining the Monyati Team, she supported the Microfinance Institution in Fort Dauphin and  worked as a Consultant for the NGO CITE in Tulear to train women in money management and entrepreneurship. Fanjanirina studied Business Law at the University of Tulear. 
Arjun Pavakkulath is the Marketing & Social Media Manager. He has lived in the UAE for the past 28 years until his move back to India. Since 2006 he is the co-founder of an UAE advertising agency and was part of an independent record label and music studio, handling its strategy, content creation and sponsorship. Arjun graduated in Internet Science and Technology from the University of Wollongong. 
Victor Razafindrabehandry is the Operations Assistant of our Tuktuk and Rickshaw Social Business in Tulear Madagascar. Before joining the Monyati Team he supported the NGO Blue Ventures for four years and collected data of Madagascar's marine life. Victor has a Masters in Geography from Tulear University.  

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